Lights for a Cause

Lights for a Cause is a unique way to celebrate, honor and bring awareness to a variety of causes, holidays and special occasions. By showing support and acknowledgement, Lights for a Cause is dedicated to shining brightly for all mankind.

Lights for a Cause is available complimentary for certified nonprofits, and fee based for business events, parties and special occasions.  Click here to reserve or contact us at 760.864.6500

Black l White
Oct. 4 - National Covid- 19 Day of Remembrance
Blue l Pink l White
20 Nov Transgender Day of Remembrance
5 Feb National Wear Red Day
10 Mar National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
20 Mar National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
18 May National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
18 Sep National HIV/AIDS & Aging Awareness Day
27 Sep National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
12 Oct Stop Bullying Day
15 Oct National Latino AIDS Awareness Day
1 Dec World AIDS Day
17 May Honor our LGBT Elders Day
22 Jun - 30 Jun
Honoring Pride Month
15 Sep National LGBT Center Awareness
11 Oct National Coming OUT Day
29 May to June 5 Remembering George Floyd
Red l Green l Black
18 Jan Martin Luther King JR Day
Red l Yellow
25 May National Senior Health & Fitness Day
26 Mar Epilepsy Awareness Day
7 Aug Purple Heart Day
21 Sep International Day of Peace
Blue l Green
22 Apr National Earth Day
Pink l Red
14 Feb Valentine's Day
Red l White l Blue
18-20 Jan Martin Luther King Jr.
1 Feb National Freedom Day
15 Feb Presidents' Day
13 Apr National Thomas Jefferson Day
21 May National Armed Forces Day
30 May Memorial Day
14 Jun National Flag Day
4 Jul Fourth of July
5 Sep Labor Day
11 Sep 9/11 Remembrance Day
11 Nov Veterans Day
7 Dec National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Red l Orange l Black
15 Nov National Philanthropy Day
Pink l Yellow l Blue
27 Mar Easter
24 Jul National Parent Day
3 Dec International Day of Persons with Disabilities
25 Mar National Medal of Honor Day
Blue l White
Black l White
3-May National Teachers Appreciation Day
16-Sep National POW/MIA Recognition Day
2-Apr World Autism Awareness Day
15-May Peace Officers Memorial Day
24-26 Sept Honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Memorial
17-Nov Great American Smoke Out
Blue l Gold l White
6-Feb Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards
Magenta l Purple l Blue
23-Sep Celebrate Bisexuality Day
25-Nov National Native American Heritage Day
Olive Green
30-Nov National Meth Awareness Day
Orange l Red l Brown
16-Oct World Food Day
Orange l Red l Green
22-Sep Autumnal Equinox
5-Jun National Cancer Survivors Day
Red l Blue
8-Feb National Boy Scouts Day
Red l Green
25-Dec Christmas
30-Jun Social Media Day
Silver l Gold l Black
1-Jan New Year's Day
31-Dec New Year's Eve
29-Mar National American Diabetes Association Day
5-Apr Sexual Violence Awareness Day
19-Jun Fathers Day
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